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American artist from southern New Mexico working in the Pacific Northwest.  His work focuses on the technical portrayal of distorted human forms in oil, predominantly in the chiaroscuro style.  Technically his work focuses on delicate control of values, edge, & form through stacking many semi-transparent layers to create a deep, dynamic effect.  His content is an exploration of shifted perception, & the conflict between states of intuitive understanding & the technical requirements of life in modern society.



S.E.A.F. Halloween Exhibition - Seattle Center Exhibition hall - Oct 2015

Out of Step Books - Featured in 'Pandemonium' - July 2015

Brushes of Doom Podcast - Artist of the Month Interview - Jan 2015

Charles Inc. Gallery - Mesilla, NM - 2000/2001

Galleria Guadalupe - Mesilla, NM - 1998/1999